About Sigma Oil Industries Limited

Sigma Oil Industries Limited established an integrated manufacturing plant with world-class equipment and technology at Sonargaon, Narayanganj. Sigma has placed itself through the outstanding performance characteristics of its products in a wide variety of fields such as vehicles of all types, industrial machines, and other special applications. Highly qualified, trained and skilled people operate the plant and ensure standard quality of products.

History of Sigma Oil Industries Limited

Semi-automatic blending control system capable of blending high-quality lubricants to fulfill the expanding demand of the industrial and automotive sectors in Bangladesh. Sigma has deployed the latest automation technologies in the filling line to bring about a step-change in productivity.

Commitment of Sigma Oil Industries Limited

Quality Control

We have facilities that analyze the raw materials, the intermediate products, and, of course, the finished products prior to the sale in order to ensure the customer requirements.

Our laboratory is equipped with modern sophisticated instruments. Such as ICP-OES, FTIR, Stabinger Viscometer, Potentiometric Titrator, Flash Point Tester, Pour Point, and Cloud Point Tester, Foam Tester, Muffle Furnace, Color Comparator, Hot Plate Stirrer, pH Meter, TDS Tester, etc.

We apply the modern technology, collect the instruments and raw materials from world well-known suppliers – Perkin Elmer, Anton Paar, Labtech, Hwashin, AND, Spectra Lab, etc. Instrument Country of Origin: USA, UK Austria, Japan, and South Korea.

Mission of Sigma Oil Industries Limited


We follow the top 'cutting - edge technology to manufacture the most advanced lubricants. Our technological commitment has helped to pioneer innovative solutions that deliver heightened performance and respond to the changing needs of our consumers.

Raw Materials of Sigma Oil Industries Limited

Raw Materials

To justify our motto “quality meets desires “we purchase base oil from world famous crude oil refineries and additives from world top four manufactures Infinium, Lubrizol, Oronite & Afton.

Mission of Sigma Oil Industries Limited

Research and Development

Solidified within our heritage, research and development has been instrumental in driving the innovative transformation across our business.

We are ready for the world of tomorrow today and can continue to improve the efficiency and quality of our products.

Sigma Oil Industries Limited Certification


Sigma Oil Industries Limited was awarded with ISO 9001: 2015 certificate.