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Three-Wheeler Engine Oil

Sigma Oil Industries Limited manufactures SOIL branded premium three-wheeler engine oil. Use our SOIL branded oil to supercharge your three-wheelers vehicles and explore the power of extreme quality.

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SOIL Branded Engine Oil for Three-Wheeler Vehicles

If you are searching for premium quality three-wheeler engine oil, consider our SOIL Branded super grade lubricant made from highly refined base stocks with effective additives.



SOIL Zoom is a specially formulated super grade gasoline lubricant for all types of passenger cars...

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Product SOIL Ornate

SOIL Ornate

SOIL Ornate is a premium quality diesel engine oil formulated to meet the latest API: CI-4 standard...

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Product SOIL Luminous GEO

SOIL Luminous GEO

SOIL Luminous GEO is a premium quality diesel engine oil formulated to meet the latest standard...

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Why Choose Our Three-Wheeler Engine Oil?

The quality of the engine oil bears significant importance in terms of maximizing the three-wheeler engine capacity. These are the following features that make our oil stand-out:

Our three-wheeler engine oil is designed to provide excellent fuel efficiency. Using our products, your three-wheeler will run for longer periods and provide the necessary cost benefits.
After carefully formulating from hydrocracking base stocks, we use a special additive package in our oils that give the engine protection against wear, rust, corrosion, deposits, and sludge formation.
Sigma’s oils are formulated to low carbon build-up in engines. Thus you will have low emission in three-wheeler engines, that will uniformly reduce maintenance costs.
Our solutions cover a series of three-wheeler engine oils that provide superb performance. Excellent frictional properties of our oils ensure longer engine life.