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Quality Three-Wheeler Engine Oil; Zoom, SAE-20W50, API: SL/CF-4

Zoom, SAE-20W50, API: SL/CF-4 engine oil has proven scientific reports on its working capability. It’s a year-round gasoline engine oil for all types of vehicles. To produce the oil, we have maintained a standard procedure that ensures the quality of the elements.

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Zoom, SAE-20W50, API: SL/CF-4

Product Description

Zoom is a specially formulated super grade gasoline lubricant for all types of passenger cars, vans and light duty trucks under extremely severe driving condition all through the year. This oil is blended from highly refined base oil incorporated with effective additives. It is designed to meet the most severe requirements of modern high performance engines.

It contains superior quality detergent /dispersants, anti-oxidation, anti wear and anti-corrosion properties .Special attention is given to quality reserve to keep the engine safe even with extended oil drains. It contains superior stable viscosity index improver that doesn’t shear under severe operating conditions of high load and elevated temperature.

This oil is recommended to use in gas fueled (LPG &natural gas) SI engines where conventional motor oils are recommended.

Performance Level

Features and Benefits:

  • Excellent oxidation protection.
  • Provides excellent protection against engine wear.
  • Minimizes varnish and sludge.
  • High level of detergent/dispersant keeps engine clean.
  • Remarkable low oil consumption and better fuel economy.
  • All year round usability.
  • Sweet strawberry fragrance with dyed in Red.

Typical Properties

Test Description Test Methods Typical Result
ASTM Color ASTM D 1500 RED
Specific Gravity at 15 deg ASTM D-1298 0.8712
Viscosity at 40 deg ASTM D-445 146.33
Viscosity at 100 deg ASTM D-445 17.78
Viscosity Index ASTM D-2270 134
Pour Point ASTM D-97 -20
Flash Point ASTM D-92 254
TBN ASTM D-5984 7.8

Why Choose Our Three-Wheeler Engine Oil?

The quality of the engine oil bears significant importance in terms of maximizing the three-wheeler engine capacity. These are the following features that make our oil stand-out:

Our three-wheeler engine oil is designed to provide excellent fuel efficiency. Using our products, your three-wheeler will run for longer periods and provide the necessary cost benefits.
After carefully formulating from hydrocracking base stocks, we use a special additive package in our oils that give the engine protection against wear, rust, corrosion, deposits, and sludge formation.
Sigma’s oils are formulated to low carbon build-up in engines. Thus you will have low emission in three-wheeler engines, that will uniformly reduce maintenance costs.
Our solutions cover a series of three-wheeler engine oils that provide superb performance. Excellent frictional properties of our oils ensure longer engine life.