Exceed 20W50 API SL/CF

Product Description

Exceed SAE 20W50 API SL/CF is a premium quality lubricants designed for gasoline, diesel, LNG and CNG driven vehicles work under severe conditions. This product is formulated from high quality base stocks with advanced additives package. By meeting the API performance of Sl/CF Sigma Exceed 20W50 exceeds most demanding requirements in relation to emission control, oil consumption, volatility and thermal stability.

Performance Level

Features and Benefits:

  • Provides Oxidation and thermal stability
  • Minimizes fuel and oil consumption
  • Protects engines from deposit and exhaust blocking
  • Ensures smooth operation of all high performance engines.

Typical Properties

Test Description Methods Typical Result
ASTM Color ASTM D 1500 L 2.5
Specific Gravity at 15 deg ASTM D-1298 0.8807
Viscosity at 40 deg ASTM D-445 140.03
Viscosity at 100 deg ASTM D-445 17.34
Viscosity Index ASTM D-2270 136
Flash Point ASTM D-97 226
Pour Point ASTM D-92 -20
TBN ASTM D-5984 7.62

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