T & C
Premium Quality

Extended Performance Premium Industrial Lubricant; T & C Oil Series 300, 400, 600, 1000, 1500

Sigma Oil Industries Limited is a leading manufacturer and deliverer of reliable premium Industrial lubricants that meet the required engine recruitments. We are specialized in formulating Industrial lubricants considering anti-rust, wear, corrosion and foaming. Our advanced formula guarantees maximum engine protection including clutch and gear-box in high or low temperatures.

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T & C Oil Series 300, 400, 600, 1000, 1500

Product Description

T & C Oil series series are Premium quality Turbine & Circulating oils made from solvent refined base oils with hydro cracking technology. This Series are Zinc-Free turbine lubricants specifically designed for use in gas and steam turbine applications.

Here special additive’s package has been used that provide excellent oxidation and thermal stability, excellent water separability, high viscosity, outstanding anti-wear properties and good rust and corrosion protection.

Performance Level

Features and Benefits:

  • Excellent lubricating properties
  • High thermal and oxidation stability
  • High viscosity Index
  • Excellent anti-corrosion anti-rust properties
  • High resistance to foaming
  • Highly versatile - multiple applications.


Circulating oil systems commonly used for heavily loaded bearings operating at high speeds and temperatures. These lubricants can be used for plain and rolling element bearings and for both Systems. Also suitable for use in oil flooded rotary screw compressors, liquid ring vacuum pumps, hydrocarbon process gas compressors and gas turbine applications.

Health and Safety:

This product poses no significant health risk when used and handled properly. Carefully wash away the touched portion after contact with oil. Do not through used oil indiscriminately to avoid environmental pollution. For any query please visit visit www.sigma-oil.com

Typical Physical Properties:

Product T & C- 300 T & C-400 T & C-600 T & C-1000 T & C-1500
Viscosity Grade ISO 32 ISO 46 ISO 68 ISO 100 ISO 150
Kinematic Viscosity, cSt at 40°C 32.45 46.62 68.49 102.06 158.60
Kinematic Viscosity, cSt at 100°C 5.71 7.29 9.13 11.89 15.75
Viscosity Index 117 110 116 107 104
Flash Point °C 222 225 228 237 245
Pour Point °C -18 -18 -18 -18 -18
Density at 30°C, gm/ml 0.8466 0.8516 0.8549 0.8622 0.8716
Foaming Sequence I 10/0 10/0 10/0 10/0 10/0
Foaming Sequence II 15/0 15/0 15/0 15/0 15/0
Why Choose/Use

Heat Transfer Industrial Engine Oil

Sigma Oil Industry has been manufacturing many types of Industrial oil for the convenience of the industrial operations. Our aim is to give you a better product that is also fuel-efficient in nature. You should pick our Industrial engine oil for the following reasons:

All of our Industrial engine oils are specially produced for protecting your engines from corrosion.
Our products are capable of keeping your Industrial engines cleaner than other products with better efficiencies.
We have been formulating finer quality engine oil for giving your engine a durable performance.
All of our products are equipped with specialized materials that enhance the lubricating power of your motorcycle.
Your motorcycle engine life will surely be extended if you use our motorcycle oils regularly and effectively.