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Automotive Engine Oil in Bangladesh

Sigma Oil Industries Limited’s premium automotive oil categories are one of the best options for better quality automotive engines in Bangladesh. We have been providing you with quality oil that boosts the overall performance of your engine.

Our automotive oil brands are gaining popularity among Automotive Engines day by day. With high-quality materials, we produce oils that ensure the better performance of your automotive engine. You can always count on our automotive oils for driving on all road conditions all year round.

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Engine Oil for Your Automotive

We have been producing supreme quality automotive engine oils and have achieved greater assurance from our valued clients. All of our engine oils are produced with the latest technology and generates better performance than similar products in the market. At present, we have bellow categories of automotive engine oils which are briefly described below:

SOIL for MotorBikes


We have been producing supreme quality motorcycle engine oils and have achieved greater assurance from our motorbike riders.

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Engine Oil for Three-Wheeler Vehicle


As an international standard engine oil manufacturer, Sigma is serving the purpose of high performance in automotive engines.

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Passenger Car Engine Oil

Passenger Car

If you need a fully synthetic, extra efficient, non-detergent motor oil with high mileage, we have the solution for you.

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Light-Duty Engine Oil


Sigma Oil Industries Limited is a leading company that manufactures and renders super quality light-duty premium engine oil.

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Heavy-Duty Engine Oil


Engine oils have a significant effect on engine health and performance, and the best quality engines require the best oils available in the market.

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Why Choose

SOIL, Sigma, Naf Arab Branded Engine Oil for Your Automotive

Sigma Oil Industry has been manufacturing many types of automotive oil for the convenience of the automotive riders. Our aim is to give you a better product that is also fuel-efficient in nature. You should pick our automotive engine oil for the following reasons:

All of our automotive engine oils are specially produced for protecting your engines from corrosion.
Our products are capable of keeping your automotive engines cleaner than other products with better efficiencies.
We have been formulating finer quality engine oil for giving your engine a durable performance.
All of our products are equipped with specialized materials that enhance the lubricating power of your automotive.
Your automotive engine life will surely be extended if you use our automotive oils regularly and effectively.