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Gear & Transmission Oil

Sigma Oil Industries Limited is the leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality Gear and Transmission oil. Our soil & sigma branded gear and transmission oil highly assists to accurately run any Gear & Transmission. Our specialized team emphasizes on formulating quality Gear & Transmission oil ensuring all solid components considering your engine compatibility and adjustability.

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Gear & Transmission Oil

Sigma Oil Industries Limited is designing and distributing some premium quality Gear & Transmission oil to help you achieve the required services.



SOIL provides top-quality Gear & Transmission oils to help your engines to work in the toughest conditions yet smoothly that you can think of; furthermore, this oil will enable your engines to efficiently handle heavy loads along with longevity in any weather condition.

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Sigma ATF- Type-A, EP Gear Oil


Sigma extends supplies with manufacturing top-quality gear oil for the Gear & Transmission professional to support required operations.

Our Sigma oil has owned an outstanding engine performance.

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Naf Arab Type A

Naf Arab is a super quality automatic transmission fluid designed for automatic transmissions and power steering system of vehicles...

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Why Use 'ATF-DEX-IIIH', 'Gear MP', 'ATF- Type-A', & EP Gear Oil' for Gear & Transmission Engine

Sigma’s unmatched quality oil, compromisable price, raw elements for the formulation and oil performance makes us better than our competitors in the market. Why you should pick our oil, let’s explore the key reasons.

All of our engine oil highly corroborates to enhance all the engine protection that requires completing the Gear & Transmission operation. Our expert team formulates according to your engine recruitments.
From other competitors who are involved in producing Gear & Transmission oil, our oil highly decreases the consumption ratio and undoubtedly saves your money.
Sigma’s Gear & Transmission oil plays an active role against engine damageable function. It has had an anti-rust feature and strongly foaming resistant.
Our Gear & Transmission oil is produced using solid and raw chemicals. It assists to run your machine with heavy performance.
Sigma is designing and supplying Gear & Transmission with cost-effective value. It is entirely super quality but cost-saving.