Check Your Car's Engine Oil

Learn How to Check Your Car's Engine Oil

Filling oil in your car

Motor oil is essential to the proper functioning of your car's engine. The most straightforward approach to preventing catastrophic engine failure and the significant repair expenses that come with it is to maintain oil levels at all times.

The oil in a car is crucial to its proper functioning since it keeps the moving parts lubricated and the car running smoothly. Checking the oil level periodically is important for ensuring that your vehicle has a sufficient supply of this valuable slippery fluid.

In order to assist you with the day-to-day operations of your vehicles, Sigma Oil Industries Limited is developing and marketing some industrial oil of the highest possible quality. We've always had the ability to keep your engine running without any hassle. In addition, this keeps the engine clean.

How Often Should You Check Car’s Engine Oil

How Often Should You Check Your Car’s Engine Oil?

Before the invention of oil-level sensors, drivers had to manually check oil levels using the dipstick or tester at least once per week. Nowadays, that might not be necessary unless you're driving an older vehicle. Still, even brand-new cars occasionally need an extra jug of oil, so keep an eye on that oil meter.

Experts at Sigma Oil Industries Limited recommend checking oil levels once every two weeks or every 1000 miles and always before a long journey. It won't take you more than a minute to check the oil level and add more if it's required, but doing so might add years of dependable, powerful, and fuel-efficient driving to the life of your engine.

Necessary Steps to Check Car’s Engine Oil

Performing a quick and easy maintenance task like checking the oil in your vehicle's engine is something that practically any driver is capable of doing on their own. Even if you aren't confident in your ability to change the oil in your car, you should still be able to inspect it. For the majority of automobiles, the oil should be changed approximately every 3 months or every three thousand miles. Even between oil changes, you should check the oil level and quality to make sure your engine is running smoothly.

To make sure that the engine oil in your car is at the right level, just do the following:

Take a Plain, Clean Piece of Cloth

When checking your oil, you should look for a rag that is free of lint or an old piece of fabric scrap to use. In most cases, an old T-shirt will do the job nicely.

Learn from The Instruction Manual

The owner's handbook will provide a thorough explanation of where the dipstick is situated in the engine of your vehicle, in case you are completely unfamiliar with the inner workings of your car or completely new to it.

Start The Engine to Warm Our Car

It is preferable to check the oil on your vehicle when it is still warm. Making a brief trip to the nearby market or driving around your neighborhood, it is a good practice to perform an oil check on your vehicle.

Turn off Your Car

Before you start the process of checking the oil in your vehicle, you need to make sure that it is turned off first.

Open up The Car's Hood

You need to pull the handle on the interior of your car, normally by the driver's door, then press the lever in the middle of your hood. Keep your car's hood lifted up safely.

Look for The Dipstick

On the majority of car models, the engine's left side is where you'll find the dipstick. The dipstick's circular handle is typically a bright yellow or orange for easy identification. Pulling this handle will release a long metal bar from the engine.

Reinstall The Dipstick after Cleaning It

To replace the dipstick, you will need to pull it out, wipe it down with the rag, and then put it back in its housing. Be sure the dipstick is completely reinserted.

Take out The Dipstick & Check

Once again, take out the dipstick. Check where the dipstick ends up. Depending on the make and model, the oil pan capacity may be indicated by a line or a textured region. Reading the oil level from the dipstick shouldn't be too difficult.

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