Importance of Using the Right Lubricant for Your Vehicle

Lubricant is a type of substance that is usually used to reduce friction. They are frequently used in vehicles to reduce friction in the engine. Different vehicles require different types of lubricant. You have to know the right one for your vehicle; otherwise, the wrong one will cause trouble for your vehicle.

Benefits of Lubricant

The Benefits of Lubricant

Let’s look at what lubricant do for your vehicle-

  • Machine reliability: Machine reliability is dependent on the proper lubrication methods. The quantities and formulations of lubricant and application procedures will maximize the performance and operating life of the equipment. 40% of all machine failures happened due to Lubricant selection and application; thus, lubrication processes are crucial.
  • Reduce friction: The primary goal of a lubricant is to reduce friction. When the friction gets diminished, it increases the longevity of moving parts, minimizes the corrosion of metal surfaces, and protects the components in the engine.
  • CO2 emission: In addition to prolonging the life of your gear, utilizing the correct lubricants will provide you with further advantages. Less friction means less energy consumed, which implies less CO2 emissions. Lubricants have been shown to lower CO2 emissions by up to 10%.
  • Reduce maintenance cost: Lubricant can considerably minimize the maintenance cost because it protects the parts of your vehicle. Since they wear off slowly, they don’t need to be changed often, lowering the maintenance cost and time as a result.

Different Ways of Lubrication

There are two ways you can perform lubrication in your vehicle-

Different Ways of Lubrication
  • Manual lubrication: Manual lubrication requires a professional with a grease gun or other traditional lubrication tool. This lubrication technology has several drawbacks. Manual lubrication is incompatible with today's cost-cutting initiatives and proactive maintenance practices. A typical lubrication system, such as a grease gun unable to guarantee the proper amount of lubricant to your equipment at the right time and in the right location especially when the machine is running. Manual lubrication methods expose you to the risk of under-lubrication or over-lubrication, which can severely impact machine components, productivity, and total expenses.
  • Automatic lubrication: An automatic lubrication system delivers the proper amount of lubricant to your equipment at the right time and location - usually while the machine is running. Automated lubrication systems have been developed to boost machine and vehicle uptime. Furthermore, automatic lubrication provides further benefits in terms of cost savings, durability, productivity, and safety. It extends your equipment life as well as reduces maintenance downtime.

Choosing the Right Lubricant for Your Vehicle

Now you know how vital lubricant is for your vehicle. However, different vehicles require different lubricants; for example, a motorbike lubricant cannot be used in a four-wheel car. Here are general ideas on how you can use a suitable lubricant for your vehicle-

Choosing The Right Lubricant for Your Vehicl
  • Car Manufacturer and Series: The first you need to know your car's make and model is selecting the proper engine oil. The newest and high-performance cars use newer lubricants, providing more efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Viscosity Grade: When you buy lubricant products, you can see perplexing codes on the container with numbers and letters. These represent the viscosity grade, which measures the oil's resistance to flow. It is vital to consider while looking for the best engine oil, coupled with climate and driving circumstances.

  • Driving Environment: Whether you live in a hot or cold region or drive on paved or unpaved roads, you should consider the driving conditions you are used to. Different situations can put a strain on your car in various ways, such as necessitating frequent lubricant oil changes. Consider your living and driving situations when determining what type of motor oil is best for you.

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