Ways to Increase Truck’s Fuel Efficiency

Ways to Increase Truck’s Fuel Efficiency

Trucks normally have a long way to go for transferring goods. You are a responsible driver looking for possible ways to increase your truck’s fuel efficiency. Fortunately, there are a handful of ways that you can follow to reduce fuel consumption rate.

You might know that engine oil can directly influence fuel consumption. That means, along with fuel, engine oil is also a considerable thing. Sigma Oil is serving quality petrochemical products all over Bangladesh. Now let's move on to the topic of increasing truck fuel efficiency.

Truck Drives to Increase Fuel Efficiency

Management of Cruise Speed and RPM

We know that driving at higher speeds means consuming more fuel. Always keeping the speed balance of the vehicle reduces the pressure on the engine. Besides, such economical use of fuel has a positive effect on the overall performance of the truck in Bangladesh.

Keep an eye on the car's speed control as well as its RPM. Try to drive at 1200-1300 rpm, as this is a balance spot. Proper management of RPM will increase your control over the truck and fuel efficiency.

Keep the Truck's Tire Fit for Fuel Efficiency

If the tire is not inflated properly, it requires burning more fuel to get forward. Infrared tires reduce pressure on the engine. A single PSI pressure reduction will save 3% fuel consumption on average. So you can increase the truck’s fuel efficiency by keeping its tire properly inflated.

Balanced Truck’s Fuel Usage for Efficiency

As a truck is used to carry goods towards Dhaka and all over Bangladesh, fuel consumption should vary. Still try as a driver to keep balanced fuel usage. It is good to have a map of the destination before starting the truck driving.

This way you can find the shortest and easiest way in advance. As a result, you can reduce fuel consumption in your truck. Avoid unnecessary driving and long routes to increase the truck’s fuel efficiency.

Avoid Overfilling and Overloading the Truck

Fuel tends to expand while absorbing heat from the truck engine. To avoid overflow and fuel waste, you just need to be concerned about filling the fuel tank. Also, overloaded goods in trucks increase the pressure on the engine. Distribute the load evenly in the trailer to reduce the pressure while moving.

Moderate Braking and Higher Gear for Fuel Efficiency

Braking is important for safety from unfortunate accidents. Alternatively, the speed slows down which requires more fuel burning to get back to speed level. In this case, you can pay attention to the front road and leave a proper distance from other vehicles.

Moderate braking will reduce the fuel consumption of the truck. Another way to increase the truck’s fuel efficiency is driving in the possible highest gear. Because lower gears at high speed doubled the fuel consumption of the engine.

Use the Momentum to Save Fuel

Driving momentum is an important thing that can help you to increase the truck’s fuel efficiency passively. You don’t need to keep your foot on the gas pedal always to climb a hill. You can simply use the downward portion to speed up the truck and climb up easily.

Check the Engine Fan

An engine fan helps the engine run better without being heated. Generally, the fan is automatically activated when it's needed to cool down the engine. If there is any problem, the fan will be activated more frequently which increases fuel consumption.

Practice Cruise Control to Increase Fuel Efficiency

Cruise control is a feature that allows the driver to keep the vehicle at a specific speed whiteout using the accelerator. This will give you flexibility while driving. Also, it will save 6-10% of total fuel consumption.

Use the Best Truck’s Fuel for Efficiency

The truck contains a heavy engine that runs long distances with necessary idling. To cope with this rough nature you need to choose the best fuel for the truck engine. Diesel fuel is 15% denser than petrol fuel which produces more energy. So, choose the truck's fuel wisely according to engine preferences and the distance you should cover.

Choose Truck's Engine Oil Wisely

The last and most important thing you should consider is the engine oil to increase your truck’s fuel efficiency. Using the best lubricant for the truck engine will give a more effective revolution. We are producing top-quality engine oil for heavy-duty engines and so on. Give the best engine oil to your truck and enjoy efficient fuel burning.

Keep Increasing Truck’s Fuel Efficiency In Mind

Take care of your truck and get it serviced regularly. Because a simple problem can become massive later. Pay special attention to the points mentioned above while driving. Only then can you increase the truck’s fuel efficiency over time.