EP Gear Oil

Extreme Pressure EP Gear Oil for Agriculture Engines

Sigma Oil Industries Limited is the manufacturer and developer of high-quality gear oil assemble with high load recruitments. Our specialized team carefully carries on the formulation procedure that helps to incorporate the top quality bases and additives, developing their anti-rust capability and anti-foaming ability as well. This product is very effective as agriculture engine oil. Contact our dealers anywhere in Bangladesh and collect quality oil.

Our gear can operate function in any environment like indoor or outdoor, dry or dust conditions with variable load. Considering gear protection, gear performance, anti-rust capacity, and cost minimization, Sigma’s gear oil is your perfect engine partner.

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EP Gear Oil 80W90, 140 API GL-4

Product Description

Sigma Gear Oil series are heavy duty extreme pressure gear lubricants. They are made from especially selected base stocks that provide good stability at high or low temperature. The ant-wear and anti-friction properties of this series control wear losses. This series resists foaming and are compatible with normally used seal gasket.

Sigma Gear Oil series provide better protection against rust resulting from water contamination and humid atmosphere. This series are intended for initial fill, gapping-up and refill of enclosed of automotive gears for transmissions, gear cases of semiautomatic transmissions where gear lubricants are recommended, drive axels and final drives of passenger cars, trucks, taxicabs, contractor and farm equipment. They should not be used in automatic transmissions or semiautomatic transmissions for which engine oil or automatic transmission fluid is recommended.

Sigma Gear Oil series are recommended for API service GL-4 covering hypoid and other gears in passenger cars and other automotive equipment operated under high speed shock-load, high speed low-torque, and low-speed high torque conditions.

Performance Level

Features and Benefits:

  • Maintains gear protection in low and high speed conditions.
  • Reduces costs associates with seasonal oil changes.
  • Superior sulfur phosphorus additives.
  • Anti-wear & anti-rust

Typical Properties

Test Description Methods Typical Result
    SAE 80W-90 SAE 80W-140
ASTM Color ASTM D 1500 L 2.5 L 3.0
Specific Gravity at 15 deg ASTM D-1298 0.9120 0.9011
Viscosity at 40 deg ASTM D-445 221.39 455.49
Viscosity at 100 deg ASTM D-445 17.98 30.28
Viscosity Index ASTM D-2270 93 96
Flash Point ASTM D-97 -9 -9
Pour Point ASTM D-92 216 221

Why Choose EP Gear Oil for Your Agricultural Engines

Sigma’s unmatched quality oil, compromisable price, raw elements for the formulation and oil performance makes us better than our competitors in the market. Why you should pick our oil, let’s explore the key reasons.

All of our engine oil highly corroborates to enhance all the engine protection that requires completing the agricultural operation. Our expert team formulates according to your engine recruitments.
From other competitors who are involved in producing agriculture engine oil, our oil highly decreases the consumption ratio and undoubtedly saves your money.
Sigma’s agriculture engine oil plays an active role against engine damageable function. It has had an anti-rust feature and strongly foaming resistant.
Our agriculture engine oil is produced using solid and raw chemicals. It assists to run your machine with heavy performance.
Sigma is designing and supplying heavy-duty agricultural engine oil with cost-effective value. It is entirely super quality but cost-saving.