Turbo Super 2020
Advanced Engine Oil

Premium Engine Oil; 'Turbo Super-2020, SAE-20W50, API: CH-4/SJ'

Sigma Oil Industries Limited provides top-quality and high performance Turbo Super-2020, SAE-20W50, API: CH-4/SJ oil that assists to properly and accurately tune your vehicles. Our turbo super diesel oil shows capability in preventing ring and cylinder wear.

We have a highly skilled and professional team that specializes in manufacturing superior quality turbo super engine oil using all raw chemicals. It enables our oil to provide super performance for your engine.

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Turbo Super-2020, SAE-20W50, API: CH-4/SJ

Product Description

Turbo Super-2020, SAE-20W50, API: CH-4/SJ is a premium quality diesel engine oil. It provides superior engine protection in all working conditions. This oil is blended from selected base stocks and advanced additives package to provide utmost engine protection and extended oil drain intervals. The benefits of using Turbo Super 2020 are less oil comsumption, less ring breakage and less piston skirt scuffing.

It also minimizes carbon deposits which interface operation efficiency in the piston ring zone. By meeting the API performance level Turbo Super 2020 meets the requirements of major global engine manufactures.

Performance Level

Features and Benefits:

  • Minimize fuel and oil consumption.
  • Reduces deposits and enhances engine cleanliness.
  • Protects against ring and cylinder wear.
  • Neutralizes acids from high sulfur fuel.
  • Ensures long drain intervals.

Typical Properties

Test Description Methods Typical Result
ASTM Color ASTM D 1500 L 3.0
Specific Gravity at 15 deg ASTM D-1298 0.8899
Viscosity at 40 deg ASTM D-445 158.84
Viscosity at 100 deg ASTM D-445 18.42
Viscosity Index ASTM D-2270 130
Pour Point ASTM D-97 -18
Flash Point ASTM D-92 221
TBN ASTM D-5984 10.75

Why Use Sigma 'Turbo Super' Oil for Your Heavy Duty Engines?

Our Heavy-Duty engine oils developed through the advanced technology that protects the engine from wear and drain while providing a sustainable performance.
Our engine oils reduce the oil consumption of the engines, making it more acceptable for the economic standard.
Our engine oils have all year round usability. Regardless of the weather or situation, our engine oil will draw the most out of your vehicle.
Our heavy-duty engine oils produce less waste than the market competitors. It retains your engine health and keeps it clean.