Car Engine Oil; Ultra, SAE-20W50, API:SL/CF

Ultra, SAE-20W50, API:SL/CF is an advanced car engine oil. It is the new generation of lubricant technology that maximizes the performance of the latest engines. It’s refined very well to meet the required API engine performance.

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Ultra, SAE-20W50, API:SL/CF

Product Description

Ultra, SAE-20W50, API:SL/CF motor oil is a new addition in the lubricant technology to maximize the protection for the latest engine driven by Gasoline, LNG & CNG. It keeps an outstanding performance under severe operating condition. With highly refined hydrocrack base oil it meets the required API engine performance. Our Ultra engine oil's performance exceeds the most demanding requirements related to engine system such as emission control, oil consumption and volatility.

Performance Level

Features and Benefits:

  • Minimizes oil consumption.
  • Provides excellent protection against engine wear.
  • Minimizes varnish and sludge.
  • Prolongs engine life.
  • Control oxidation.

Performance Standards:

  • ACEA A3/B3-04,A3/B4-04
  • Mercedes-Benz 229.1

Typical Properties

Test Description Test Methods Typical Result
ASTM Color ASTM D 1500 3.0
Specific Gravity at 15 deg ASTM D-1298 0.8833
Viscosity at 40 deg ASTM D-445 192.2
Viscosity at 100 deg ASTM D-445 20.5
Viscosity Index ASTM D-2270 124
Pour Point ASTM D-97 -21
Flash Point ASTM D-92 232
TBN ASTM D-5984 7.5
TAN ASTM D 974 -

How Our Engine Oil Makes Different

Full Synthetic Engine Oil

Sigma engine oil gives you superior engine cleanliness. Its advanced preservative technology removes sludge from the engine and prevents from wastes. Immediate oil flowing at low temperatures, maximum fuel economy, long drain applications deliver you an excellent taste of driving.

Synthetic Technology

Our Engine oil is produced from the high-quality formulation which gives high mileage. It keeps the engine perfect by protecting against waste and dust.

A perfect Engine Oil

Complete harmony of synthetic base oils and innovative technology additive system ensures maximum power; the best performance, fuel efficiency, protection, strength, and low emissions.

Why Use Sigma 'SOIL Ultra' Oil for Your Engines

Sigma’s unmatched quality oil, compromisable price, raw elements for the formulation and oil performance makes us better than our competitors in the market. Why you should pick our oil, let’s explore the key reasons.

All of our engine oil highly corroborates to enhance all the engine protection that requires completing the agricultural operation. Our expert team formulates according to your engine recruitments.
From other competitors who are involved in producing agriculture engine oil, our oil highly decreases the consumption ratio and undoubtedly saves your money.
Sigma’s agriculture engine oil plays an active role against engine damageable function. It has had an anti-rust feature and strongly foaming resistant.
Our agriculture engine oil is produced using solid and raw chemicals. It assists to run your machine with heavy performance.
Sigma is designing and supplying heavy-duty agricultural engine oil with cost-effective value. It is entirely super quality but cost-saving.