How to Choose the Best Engine Oil for Your Vehicle

How to Choose the Best Engine Oil for Your Vehicle

Engine oil optimizes engine performance and prolongs engine life in addition to reducing fuel consumption.



An engine oil’s viscosity means the speed at which different fluids flow in directions. Viscosity grade or oil grade is the measurement of an oil's flow resistance. When looking for the best engine oil, it is crucial to take into account this aspect in addition to the weather and driving conditions.

A higher number denotes a higher viscosity, which indicates that the diesel engine’s oil grade is more viscous and flow-resistive.

Importance of Viscosity in Engine Oil

  • The engine will become unresponsive if the viscosity is too high. In order for the oil to reach important engine components, the engine must use greater force in order to break through the oil's flow barrier.
  • At lower temperatures, thin, low viscosity oils can flow more easily to shield engine components.
  • At high temperatures, high viscosity, thick lubricants are often better at protecting film strength to safeguard engines.

By checking the oil cap or the owner's handbook, you may find out the right viscosity for your car.

Types of Engine Oil for Vehicles

There are 3 Types of engine oils available for any vehicle:

  • Synthetic Oil
  • Semi-Synthetic
  • Mineral Oil

Synthetic Oil

Sigma Oil's Synthetic Oil


  • Excellent chemical and thermal stability
  • Outstanding engine protection
  • Need no oil changes for more than 10,000 kilometers
  • High heat and oxidation resistance.
  • Improved anti-friction qualities
  • Better fuel efficiency and responsiveness of the engine
  • Helps the engine to last longer
  • Useful for navigating city traffic that is stop-and-go

Sigma oil is a fully synthetic oil that protects your engine from dirt, waste and sludge. Their oil has a good flowing rate at low temperature, giving a good fuel economy


  • Relatively low solubility
  • Comparatively high cost
Sigma Oil's Mineral Oil

Mineral Oil


  • Excellent lubrication
  • Reasonable cost
  • Last 5,000km on average


  • Likely to contain impurities and cause sludge build-up
  • Frequent change interval
  • Low resistance to heat and oxidation
  • Need oil change more than usual
Sigma oil's mineral oil varieties


Has the benefits of both mineral and synthetic oil.

Driving Environment

Choosing the proper engine oil requires careful consideration of the weather and driving circumstances.

Your vehicle may be put under strain in many ways depending on the weather conditions. When determining which engine oil is best for you, it's crucial to take into account your local driving and environmental conditions.

Heavy-duty engine oils from Sigma Oil deliver optimal and reliable performance even in challenging operating circumstances.

Sigma oil heavy-duty engine oils

OEM Specifications

A base oil and additive mixture that is tailored to the needs of the engine is used to create Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) authorized oil. An engine oil’s quality gets tested and if found to satisfy specifications, are then being submitted to the vehicle manufacturer.

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Oil Standards

The American Petroleum Institute (API) and ACEA are the most widely used standards (European Automobile Manufacturers Association).

Specifications are crucial since they reveal the functionality and caliber of the oil.

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Sigma Oil's API

The product is categorized by API based on:

  • Its performance
  • Oxidation resistance
  • Fuel efficiency

The standard is indicated by two letters: S for Service (petrol engines) and C for commercial (diesel engines). The quality of the oil increases with letter position in the alphabet. As a result, an SL oil performs less well than an SN Plus oil.

Sigma Oil's Ultra, SAE-20W50, API:SL/CF oil is created using lubricant technology to provide the best possible protection for modern engines powered by gasoline, LNG, and CNG. Our oil minimizes oil usage, exceeding even the strictest specifications by,

  • Offering superior defense against engine wear
  • Cutting down on muck and varnish
  • Extension of engine life
  • Regulating oxidation
  • Minimizing fuel efficiency
Full features of Sigma oil

A series of letters and numbers make up the ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers Association) standard, which serves as a quality indicator. The letter denotes the kind of motor: A/B (light-duty engines with gasoline and diesel), C (light-duty engines with exhaust after treatment systems), and E (heavy duty diesel engines).

The number represents the oil's performance quality.

An engine oil having specifications related to the standards, indicates that the product satisfies the standards established by these organizations.

Best Engine Oil in Bangladesh

Understanding engine oil and selecting the best option for your automobile might be challenging, but doing so will lengthen engine life and improve engine performance. The next time you're looking for the best oil to enhance your engine's performance, keep these five factors in mind.

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