3 Wheeler Engine Oil
Premium Performance

Engine Oil for Three-Wheeler Auto Rickshaw Vehicle in Bangladesh

As an international standard engine oil manufacturer, Sigma is serving the purpose of high performance in automotive engines. We value the customer’s need for oil products that give a smoother performance.

Our oils comply with industry standards and we follow the best practice to give a satisfactory experience to the clients. You can place your trust in our range of solutions for premium performance in your three-wheeler engine.

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Premium Quality Lubricants for Auto Rickshaw (3 Wheeler) Engines

To mobilize your three-wheeler vehicle engine product that is made from highly paraffinic base stocks and fortified with select additives to deliver satisfactory performance in any weather condition, Sigma Oil Industries Limited offers three-wheeler engine oil.

Product SOIL Zoom SAE 20W-50


Soil Zoom is a World Class SAE 20W-50 premium performance oil, shear-stable and designed to be used in three-wheeler engines. It has special anti-friction and anti-wear properties to protect the engine. The oil provides excellent engine and transmission cleanliness too.

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Product Ornate Superior Diesel Engine Oil SAE 15w-40


Sigma has designed Superior Diesel Engine SAE 15w-40 Oil for low emission diesel engines to provide protection against wear, deposits, rust, and corrosion. The high viscosity ensures quality performance in varying temperatures. It also works well with previous-generation diesel engines that operate on high-sulfur fuel.

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Product Turbo Super SAE 2020 20W-50

Turbo Super

One of Sigma’s top-grade engine oils for three-wheeler engines, Turbo super SAE 2020 is manufactured from high-quality base stocks. It provides improved performance and excellent efficiency. It has a special additive package that ensures superior engine safety under all working conditions.

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Product SIGMA Gold Multi-Grade Engine Oil


Sigma has brought a premium quality Gold Multi-grade engine oil for petrol and diesel engines. The oil provides the engine with high protection from sludge and varnish formation. It gives high oxidation and thermal stability. High viscosity ensures performance in all weather conditions.

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SOIL Branded Engine Oil for Three-Wheeler Vehicles

If you are searching for premium quality three-wheeler engine oil, consider our SOIL Branded super grade lubricant made from highly refined base stocks with effective additives.



SOIL Zoom is a specially formulated super grade gasoline lubricant for all types of passenger cars...

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Product SOIL Ornate

SOIL Ornate

SOIL Ornate is a premium quality diesel engine oil formulated to meet the latest API: CI-4 standard...

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Product SOIL Luminous GEO

SOIL Luminous GEO

SOIL Luminous GEO is a premium quality diesel engine oil formulated to meet the latest standard...

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Why Choose Sigma Gold, Turbo Super Oil for Your Auto Rickshaw Three-Wheeler Engine?

The quality of the engine oil bears significant importance in terms of maximizing the three-wheeler engine capacity. These are the following features that make our oil stand-out:

Our three-wheeler engine oil is designed to provide excellent fuel efficiency. Using our products, your three-wheeler will run for longer periods and provide the necessary cost benefits.
After carefully formulating from hydrocracking base stocks, we use a special additive package in our oils that give the engine protection against wear, rust, corrosion, deposits, and sludge formation.
Sigma’s oils are formulated to low carbon build-up in engines. Thus you will have low emission in three-wheeler engines, that will uniformly reduce maintenance costs.
Our solutions cover a series of three-wheeler engine oils that provide superb performance. Excellent frictional properties of our oils ensure longer engine life.